Oct 23, 2010

Typist From Home

 Typist From Home

There are several companies on the internet that advertise the availability of "home employment" through home typist or ad typist "jobs" with their companies.

But, if you've thought about joining any of these programs, and if you’re a newcomer to making money online, you'd be well advised to learn about affiliate marketing and how affiliate marketing works BEFORE you pay a fee to sign on with any of these programs. That way, you can make a more informed decision as to whether or not these opportunities would be a good fit for you before you fork over your money.

The truth is, if you sign on with any of these companies hoping to be "employed” as an "ad typist," "home typist," "Typist From Home",or "independent typist," you will not be "hired" as an "employee" of the company as their advertising suggests.

Most often, the opposite is true. So most newcomers do one of the following AFTER they pay their fee :
  1. They spend hours a day, day after day, typing ads all over the internet for very little or no pay,
  2. They spend hours and hours typing ads, and give up in frustration (and with no return on the fee they paid),
  3. They spend hours and hours typing ads, give up, and request a refund, but are denied the full amount they paid to get into the program, or
  4. Even though they were told that typing ads was all that they would have to do to earn an income, they realize that typing ads alone doesn't work, and so, after having paid a fee, they begin the process of learning how to make money as an affiliate marketer (which is what they could have done for FREE had they known up front what they really getting into).

Information and advice on how to work at home or locally doing typing jobs :

If you are good at typing, know your way round Microsoft Word and Office and can handle spreadsheets then you have a skill that people will pay for. You can earn cash payments for typing at home or in someone's home or office.

For example some authors, like Jeffrey Archer, still write their novel manuscripts in longhand in notebooks. They will then pay someone to type the manuscript out, provide a printed hard copy and several saved discs and pen drive copies. Though a top author will most likely have their own personal assistant there are still authors and writers who are looking for someone to type their work. This could be on a freelance or regular basis

A realistic charge for normal work would be about £4 per thousand words. Some typists charge an hourly rate of pay. You can negotiate fees with your client and could charge a bit extra for work needed in a hurry. You may want to agree on expenses such as paper, ink cartridges, pen drives, CDs, disks etc. If you do not intend to charge your clients for these costs you should add these to your income tax expense sheets along with any computer and printer equipment you have had to purchase or replace. Any repair work should also be added to your tax expense sheets. This should be at a percentage if any equipment or office supplies are used in your personal life or used by other members of your family.

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