Oct 12, 2010

tom cruise latest film

superstar as the film shows that as Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, an aristocratic German officer who heads the group is important that planning a plot to assassinate Hitler toward the end of the war.

roger friedman, film critic for Fox News, in terkerasnya criticism about the thriller world war ii was declared the film was deliberately minimize the impact of Nazism. "I worry Valkyrie can be a representation of a new trend in filmmaking: apologia nazi. Systemically Hitler killed millions of people," said friedman, reported dpa.

"Valkyrie opening the door to new and dangerous view that the holocaust and all the less important atrocities against German patriotism."

friedman criticized the designers of the background because it has minimized or hide the swastika is a symbol of evil Nazism. He also criticized the portrayal of Hitler as "a fool who tremble with english accents and dress nice."

friedman political criticism about the film might be the sharpest in the various reviews on the axles, but the criticism is far from purely negative assessment.

meanwhile, Phillip kennicott wrote in washington post that the movie fails to depict the life of von Stauffenberg before the failed assassination attempt, when he did not feel disturbed by Nazism and Hitler served as a loyal soldier.

by kennicott, this film fails to reveal that the plotters had planned not because of moral objections against against Nazism, but is done only because the German was about to fall out.

cruise in his defense of the protagonist states Stauffenberg is the man who could see clearly all the nazi propaganda and see how crazy Hitler, and finally declared, "someone should shoot the bastard."