Oct 12, 2010

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The plateau of this Balkan country save a lot of beauty behind tamahannya typical hospitality. yes, bulgarian so unique with all the cultural differences and language. so many choices of activities that can be done here at a cost that is not too large. you can try to climb the mountain, such as the Pirin or Rila mountains, tracing the life of a big city like cola-Sofia, traveling from one monument to another monument, or from one museum to another museum. villages are still traditional, can become the object of visits. and, the most fun is resting on the edge of the Black Sea coast. 

it often feels short time when on vacation to a place that is so impressive. if you only have one week only, while the type of person you are interested in culture and history of a nation, you should concentrate vacation in the city of Sofia and Rila Monstry for two days. after that go visit the Plovdiv for two days, visiting Koprivshtista day and Veliko Tarnovo for two days. in places that you will be able to enjoy the cultural highlights bulgarian 

however, if you Pengemar area and sandy beach, varna is the right place you escape. but can sunbathe relax, you can also see the cultural heritage and history in this city. There are many monuments and museums. Another option is to Nesebar. fisheries and tourism city is located on the upper half of an island formed by coral. you can also visit steinernen forest, in which there are the pillars of rock 50 million years old reaching the sky with an altitude of up to six meters. 

it would not hurt you too visit albena or balchik. balchic are some people consider the most interesting places in the Black Sea region. if you include travelers who are interested in a place of cultural heritage, but also interested in nature tourism add cities like Melnik, Bansko, Belogradchik, which is located near Arbanasi Veliko Tarnovo in a list of your visit. Do not forget to use a few days to visit the Pirin mountains or Rodopi. however, if not calculated correctly places where you will visit, traveling from one place to another could take one day. 

Sofia city is as beautiful as its name. Sofia is the only major city in bulgarian is the center of the most interesting kola. the city is surrounded by some very interesting attractions tourists. from the station located downtown, you can walk to the south of the Sveta Nedelya Cathedral. cathedral was rebuilt after the bombing in 1924. attacks aimed to kill the tsar boris iii led 124 people were killed. most of the victims were state officials. 

besides the cathedral, sempatkanlah stop by the church are being created in the 14th century, st. petra semerdjuska. on the other side of this church there is the national museum of history. part timer alexander Sofia Nevski church dominated the neo-Byzantine style, and a monument to commemorate the deaths of 200 thousand Russian soldiers who fight for independence bulgarian. 

south of Sofia, Vitosha surrounded mt, the most famous ski area in the winter-summer is often used as a tourist area with a cable car. very easy to find cheap lodging in this country. but, for foreign tourists are usually going to be priced up to 10 times more than the price given to local residents. but quiet just because the price is still cheap, really. 

many places in this country that we can visit for the tourists who like hanging out and enjoying various kinds of music. We can visit Lodkite, in this place a lot of scattered bars are often used for means of 'hanging out' for students and young bulgarian, or you can mngunjungi Cutty Sark Borisova Gradina, in this place a lot of places that serve disco techno and house music, or for those of you who like to rock music while enjoying a pizza you can come to O! Shipka 

in addition to the above hangout, for those of you who like to enjoy a variety of dishes or typical bulgarian food, you can visit the background pub located in the bul. Vitosha 14. in this place you can taste food and wine are delicious bulgarian in this pub. sometimes at night performed live, music to entertain the guests.